The company’s manufacturing facility incorporates a great many advanced CNC & VMC machinery, exclusively devoted to mechanical seals manufacturing. Among these is the captive Advanced High Energy Plasma Thermal Spraying facility with 80 kW Mach-II ratings for production of super-coatings for wear-resistant surfaces. The 250-mm CNC Chucker with advanced computer control represents one of the heaviest production machines exclusively devoted to seal making. The Hydraulic Universal Cylindrical Grinder too represents one of the biggest machines in the business, capable of giving accuracies to within 1-2 microns. The large Flat-lapping machine with pneumatic loading, water-cooled lap plate and self-correcting flatness device helps produce accurately finished flat surfaces, fast. The Micro plasma Welding machinery enables manufacture of metal bellow seals for high temperature application .

Machine Shop

Machining Process


Right from the start, the design, manufacturing and quality inspection parameters are optimised to deliver significantly enhanced customer satisfaction beyond today’s standards.
The computerised design and drafting system incorporates the latest CAD software for accurate setting up of design parameters. This enables upgrading of designs even in cases where customer-specified seals are to be manufactured, enabling real improvement in quality and performance over the original OEM product.
The company sources its raw material from the best manufacturers world-wide.
Rigid testing and inspection procedures on raw material and goods-in-process with on-line quality compliance checks on 100% of the components are designed to assure that the customers receive a product of the highest international standards.

Testing Facility