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Established in 1980

General Seal is one of the largest manufacturers of Mechanical Sealing Systems for Marine, Offshore and Industrial applications. Established in 1980, the company’s 8400 sq.ft. Manufacturing facility bristles with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment from the best sources worldwide.

Over the years, the company has vigorously pursued a policy of continuous reinvestments in plant and machinery and infrastructural facilities. This constant drive for modernisation and upgradation has enabled the company to maintain a position of unsurpassed preeminence in the field of seal making.

Combining the pursuit of engineering excellence with a never – say – die customer service has enabled the company establish synergic rapport with customer worldwide.




Continuous investments in production and quality measurement, inspection and testing equipment every year assures complete conformance to the Quality standards set by ISO 9001:2015. All measurement equipment are calibrated in house on industry-standard calibration instruments of world fame. Frequent renewal of measuring equipment and an active programme of re-calibration of Calibrating Equipment themselves on due dates is carried out with utmost dedication so that no scope is left for doubt as to the product’s technical integrity. A major feature is the traceability of finished goods to original stock sources which helps in analysis of seal breakdowns.


The success of an enterprise hinges on basic customer satisfaction. From the inception, our effort has been to meet the customer’s requirements of standardisation, avoidance of multiplicity of seal designs, simplification of the complex world of seal handling, rapid delivery of goods and services, and economic pricing.
Backed by our impressive array of manufacturing facilities, we have ensured delivery of complete systems of complex seals from the design to the despatch stage in incredibly short periods. When customers need critically urgent deliveries, we are there on schedule, without fail, every time. Such total commitment to customer’s cause has been well repaid by the near-total loyalty of our customers.


The company makes diverse ranges of single and double unbalanced, balanced and cartridge seals, having features unmatched by the competition. Besides, a special range of seals specifically developed as per customer requirements testify to our unswerving commitment to satisfy customer needs. These tailor-made designs incorporate many advances and innovations over the originals and outlast these originals by many times over, without compromising performance or cost effectiveness.


We have a highly developed customer interaction programme that aims to keep customer’s equipment on-line on-demand. All seals reaching the customer are designed to provide thousands of hours of trouble-free service. We have a crack team of highly experienced engineers with decades of accumulated actual hands-on experience in maintenance of rotating equipment with special emphasis on sealing systems. We assist in trouble-shooting of seal breakdowns and provide authoritative advise on remedial action. We coordinate with maintenance staff of our customers to guide and supervise correct seal installation during maintenance schedules.

We impart training to customer staff on the nuances of seal handling and installation which helps extend seal life beyond the next planned PMS cycle.
The concepts of sealing technology are working well in practice.
We make good seals, users call them the best.