Okay, we admit; the field is getting crowded with Mechanical Seal manufacturers. Everyone with a lathe machine and a lap-top lapping machine today wants to start into the mechanical seal business. The overall result has been to make the average seal buyer wary of (and even hostile to) yet another seal maker.Let us face it. Not everyone knows a lot about many aspects of Mechanical seals: theory, design, environmental, manufacturing, quality and other inputs that have to go into it all. (Quite a few don’t know even how these things work!).We at General Seal have over three decades of actual hands-on experience in maintenance of rotating equipment fitted with sealing devices. This enables us study customer requirements and develop specific designs that are fully tailor-made for each specific application. The developed designs are then manufactured in one of the most modern factories in the world, equipped with state-of-the art capital equipment and infrastructural facilities exceeding USS/600,000 in value as of 2004.Surely, not every seal maker can match that record.Does that makes us just another seal making company?
Okay, we admit; habits die hard ! When things are apparently going smoothly and budget is routinely made available to sustain current levels of expenditure on spare parts, there is no arguing about change !Let us face it. Every maker prefers to display his own designs; he expects customer to change the equipment parts to accommodate the new design when switching from brand to brand. This results in extra expenses to re-train customer staff on features of the new design and maintain inventory of new parts, while junking unused parts of the old design already paid for. No cost-conscious customer would want a brand change-over in a situation like that.We at General Seal have over the years saved our customers valuable time and money by offering tailor-made Mechanical Sealing Systems. The focus of our effort is to incorporate into our design those features which the customer tells us to retain with a view to eliminating multiple inventories and to establish large degree of standardisation. And we always change our design to suit customer’s equipment (tailor-made, in other words) so that no modification of the original equipment is ever called for.All this is achieved at extremely economic costs even while meeting or exceeding OEM performances.So our customers don’t have to throw away old parts already paid for; they, in fact save money on inventory, on equipment modification, on re-orientation training, and, best of all, on purchase costs. Surely not every seal maker can match that record.
Okay, we admit; there is wide variation in the prices quoted for a given sealing system. All these differences are not entirely accounted for by differences in overheads of the individual companies. Some customers resolve this moral dilemma by opting for the “Famous International Brand” line and raise large budgets to support this line; when we have the costliest brand in town working for us, we can face the bosses more confidently! On the other extreme, those with budgetary restrictions make do with low-priced look-alikes that have to be made to perform by a dedicated technician in the technical department.Let us face it. The best rotating equipment is only as good as its sealing system. And price of seal alone is no criteria for indicating technical excellence. To know the merits of the seal, you have to look at the company’s track record: number of years in the business; extent of commitment to the profession as reflected by the investment in the business; the sizes and ranges of designs and manufacture, etc.We at General Seal have been at this business since 1980. Over the years, we have pursued a policy of continuous investments in plant and machinery and infrastructural facilities, building some of the most modern facilities for seal manufacturing in the world. Advanced machinery systems and equipment, and raw material, sourced from the best in the world, are processed by highly skilled work force under a dedicated management. Decades of cumulative experience in maintenance of rotating equipment adds special insights into our designs. We think nothing of programming our CNC machines for a batch of ONE! Such total commitment to our customers’ cause has been repaid by the near-total loyalty of our customers. We design and tailor-make seals of simple water-pumps as well as complex cartridge seals of balanced / unbalanced types in single or multiple arrays in sizes from below 10 mm to over 165 mm (till date). And all this is done without charging the earth!So if you still find someone paying fancy prices for sealing systems, well, it is not for the seal alone but also for supporting a fancy life-style! And if someone still goes by the cheapest tender, beware! it may not be a seal; it may be a steal! Like it is said, the real price (like truth) lies in the middle! As all our customers will testify from their own experience.Surely, not every seal maker can match that record.
Okay, we admit: all look alikes need not perform alike! Most manufacturers can make a product (any product!) look exactly like the original. It is difficult to visually assess it’s inherent qualities till put into actual service in the rotating equipment. When failure does take place, many manufacturers cannot assist the customer to investigate causes of the failure or systematically set things back on rails again so that the customer can get his money’s worth from the investment. Because they simply don’t understand maintenance procedures.Let us face it. Not every seal manufacturer can claim decades of cumulative experience in maintenance of rotating equipment with special reference to seals. One common response to leaking seals has been to look no further and put the system back in service after renewing the seal, while on the other extreme, a more systematic response involves study of the shaft dynamics, touching areas like deflections, run-outs, and the like.We at General Seal have a highly developed customer interaction programme that aims to keep customer’s equipment on-line on-demand. Whenever called upon we coordinate with customer’s technical staff during shut-downs to optimise equipment maintenance. Fine tuning this to a fine-art has now enabled our customers retain seal-tight performance during the post-shut-down period. We can train customer staff on the nuances of seal handling so that extended seal life is obtained beyond the planned PMS cycle period. And because the best raw material and other inputs in the world get used, because the delivery period is incredibly short due to use of some of the best manufacturing equipment in the world, and because some of the highest capital investment-overheads in the world have been spread over very large volumes of production, we have been enabled to offer the most realistic prices to our customers while exceeding customer expectations on performance.Surely, not every seal maker can match that record.